Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mona Lisa Eclipsing

I decided my first post should be about a book I finished last night.  This is the most recent book in the Monere series (paranormal romance).  The Monere are a race of people who, millions of years ago, lived on the moon.  When the moon became uninhabitable, the left and came to earth.  In a sense they are like vampires.  The sun poisons them so they only come out at night.  They are stronger and faster than humans and have the ability to shape-shift.  Each Monere Queen is given the title of Mona and can Bask (pull down the moon's energy to disperse to their people).  Mona Lisa is a mixed blood queen (a quarter human) who rules in Louisiana.   This series has followed her on her path to learn her heritage and what it means to be a queen.

Sunny is a great author and I love this series.  Even though this particular book was very good, I was a bit disappointed.  The back cover explains that Mona Lisa suffers a terrible accident and loses her memory.  When she awakes from her accident, she finds herself in the hands of a Monere rogue, who just so happens to be a mean ol' drug dealer in Mexico.  So you think the whole book will be about her trying to regain her memory and get away from this dangerous drug dealer...NOPE!  What the back cover indicated the whole story would be about actually only took place in the first quarter of the book.  The last three-quarters of the book was about Mona Lisa being a representative to show the human race who they are.  In a sense coming out like the vampires of True Blood.  As I said it was still a great story and I loved it, but I wish the story itself would have reflected the summary of it.  Not sure if there will be more books in this series.  The ending of this book set it up either way. 

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  1. Sounds really interesting! But that is a bummer when you are expecting the book to be about one thing and it is really about another!