Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So after weeks of sitting on a computer and reading so much, I was developing really bad headaches.  I figured it was time to finally go to the optometrist.  Good thing I did, turns out I need glasses.  My first thought was, "oh man I'm getting old!"  A co-worker even said, "welcome to the over 30 club."  I got the call yesterday that my glasses were ready so I hopped in my car and went to pick them up.  Talk about weird!  I have never worn glasses before so it is a strange feeling.  But oh man was I excited when I picked up my book last night to read (a pretty awesome story about magic that I can't wait to finish and tell you about) and realized I could easily see the font!  No more squinting and moving the book closer and closer to my face.  I may be in the over 30 club but at least now I can finally see and can get some major reading done!

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  1. Glad they are working and stopping the headaches and allowing for more reading time :)