Monday, September 12, 2011


After finishing my last book, I had the daunting task of picking out a new book to read.  Always an exciting endeavor but at the same time stressful because I don't know what to pick!  Usually I go by the book with the largest font or the least amount of pages.  This time, however, I just grabbed the first book I saw, which happened to be Masques by Patricia Briggs.  I bought this book because one day I was in Target and picked up a book called Wolfsbane.  I started reading the back of the book and was really interested but found out it was a sequel.  So of course before I could read it I needed to read the first book.  This book was great!  Usually my genre of choice is Paranormal Romance, but every once in a while I branch out into the world of fantasy.

I guess now I should stop babbling and tell you about this book.  In a world full of human and green magic users, there is an Archmage who rules them all.  The current 'ae Mage is cruel and manipulative.  He weaves nasty spells to make everyone think they love him.  Few can see through his guise.  One happens to be our heorine, Aralorn, a green magic shapeshifter.  She is also a mercenary spy and one touch cookie.  At the beginning of the story, Aralorn comes across a wolf dying in the woods.  Her compassion as a green magic (Earth magic) user helps her heal the wolf.  After years of being together, the wolf finally reveals himself as a powerful mage who has chosen the wolf form to hide from his enemies.  Together they team up to try and bring down the evil 'ae Mage.  This book was a very fast read and I loved every minute of it.  Now I need to add the next book to my ever-growing wish list.  I leave for Boston in two and a half weeks so I will definitely need plenty of reading material!

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