Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ghost Huntress 5: The Discovery

Yeah so you know how I said every once in a while I have a guilty pleasure book from the young adult section?  This is another, the Ghost Huntress series by Marley Gibson.  What first drew me to this series was my love of ghost hunting TV shows like Ghost Hunters on SyFy and Ghost Adventures on the Travel channel.  It made me want to read it even more when I saw on the back of a book that Marley had joined Grant and Jason from Ghost Hunters on one of their hunts.  Since she has that back ground, I feel she can bring the experiences and terminology to her books.

The Discovery is the fifth book in the Ghost Huntress story.  Kendall Moorehead is forced to move with her family from New York to a small town in Georgia.  The minute they get there certain things start happening to Kendal, weird things.  After some time, and help from Loreen, Kendall realizes she is a psychic medium.  Her life in the big city sheltered her from her gift.  Moving to Georgia unleashed her psychic abilities.  Throughout the course of the series, you follow Kendall as she tries to understand her abilities and gathers her own ghost hunting group.  Along the way Kendall also discovers some secrets from her past.

This particular book focuses on a doll who, as it has been said, was made by a practitioner of voodoo to protect the children of a family she was nanny for.  Xander the doll is anything but a protector.  Something has gone horribly wrong and the doll has now been associated with bad things happening to people.  Kendall and her group spend the book trying to get permission to enter one of the oldest houses in the town in order to learn the secret about Xander the doll.  Kendall also unravels more answers about her past.  What I love about this book is it is a very quick read.  Although I do sometimes have trouble with the text.  Kendall is a 16 year old and as a 30 year old I find some of the slang difficult to follow.  Kendall uses words like "ridonkulous" and "chillax" to the point where I find myself laughing at the language in the book.  I guess I'm just a bit too old school because I prefer awesome and cool :)

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  1. I agree - awesome or shall I saw awesomeness is a much better word that what they are using! :)