Friday, October 21, 2011

Tangled Webs

There are a lot of books in Anne Bishop's Black Jewels novels and I am sucked in and want to get all caught up to date so I can move on to another series...that means three more books!  Unlike Dreams Made Flesh, Tangled Webs is not made up of short novellas.  So it will make it a little easier for me to describe what the book is about.  I loved this story and there were so many moments I would find myself laughing out loud at this book, which was embarrassing considering some of the places I was reading it (like in my office on my lunch break or sitting at the mall waiting for a friend). 

In this story there are landen and Blood.  The Blood have all the power of the jewels while landen are just plan ol' human.  Jaenelle discovers that the landen think the Blood live in filth.  So she decides to create a Spooky House that will have illusions and spells that show all the ideas landen think of how Blood live.  Just so happens she decided to open this during Halloween time (they never come out and say it but it is implied in the book).  Throughout the book we also learn about an author, Jarvis Jenkell, who has recently discovered he is Blood and not landen.  Knowing this, he starts writing books about Blood.  He sees them as serious mystery books, while the Blood see them as entertaining because they do not adequately portray the Blood.  Hurt, he decides to lash out at the SaDiablo family, one of the most powerful Blood families.  One night, members of the SaDiablo family receive an invitation to view Jaenelle's Spooky House.  Surreal and Warlord Prince Rainer follow the invitation and show up at the house.  Lucivar reads the invitation but forgets about it when being distracted by his son.  Daemon reads the invitation and finds out very quickly from his wife Jaenelle that the invitation was not sent by her and it is not her spooky house.  Surreal and Rainer find out very quickly it is a trap.  They are stuck in this house with seven landen children.  They fight to keep themselves and the children alive, however, each use of Craft closes an exit.  So do they fight through the beasts of the house and chance finding an exit, or use Craft and spend eternity in the house?

This was a great, suspenseful story.  When following Surreal and Rainer you can't help but wonder what is around the corner and what they will run into.  At the same time you follow along with Daemon and Jaenelle as they try to help save Surreal and Rainer.  I look forward to the next three books and am determined to finish them before I move on to another series.  Although I might go back to my read nook on my lunch break and a different book while at home ;)

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