Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vanish: A Firelight Novel

So I have a bit of a guilty pleasure...young adult novels!  Every once in a while they sneak up on me and I fall in love with the book.  For example, the Twilight series, House of Night series, and Vampire Academy series.  All great books.  Well now I have another series I can add to that bunch, the Firelight series.  Since this is a young adult book, it is a quick read, I finished it after two and a half days (really only two days because I was only able to read at night).  Vanish is the second story in the Firelight series. 

A little about the first book, Firelight:  Jacinda is a young, rebel draki, the only fire breather in her pride.  Descendants from dragons, draki can manifest and demanifest from human to draki at will.  Jacinda's father was captured by hunters, leaving only her mom and her twin sister, Tamra, as her family.  After the loss of her father, her mother makes the choice to never again manifest into her draki.  Tamra is an outcast, never having manifested as a draki even though she has come of age.  One night Jacinda finds herself being forced into a car to leave the pride.  Her mother can take no more and wants to take her daughters away from the harsh elders.  Firelight is the story of Jacinda having to leave the pride and make it in the human world.  The danger of accidentally manifesting in front of humans is always an issue.  Even more so when she discovers hunters attending the same high school she does.  Will she find happiness and be able to live a normal life?  Or will her draki surface and reveal the truth?

Vanish begins where Firelight left off.  Prince Cassian from the pride has found Jacinda and her family and is taking them back to the pride.  Upon her return she is seen as an outcast, no longer awed for being the only fire breather.  To make matters worse, Tamra has finally manifested into one of the rarest draki, a shader.  Tamra is taken away from her sister and mother to live with Nidia, the only other shader.  Jacinda and her mom are basically on house arrest and watched closely.  Something keeps holding Jacinda back though, connecting her to her time in the human world, Will, the boy she fell in love with, the hunter who's family attacked her.  Does she stay and try to be draki?  Possibly end up bonded to Cassian?  Or does she leave in hopes of finding Will? 

Can't wait for the next book in the series!

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  1. Woo luckily I read this after lunch so I already found out about her being a shader! I am excited to see what else happens! This is such a good series :)