Monday, October 10, 2011


Wolfsbane is the sequel to Masques.  I absolutely loved and enjoyed reading Masques so I was super excited to read Wolfsbane.  Both of these books were a quick read and very enjoyable.

Wolsbane takes place months after the ending of Masques.  The big, bad ugly is now bye-bye and Aralorn thinks she will be able to live her life in peace.  That is until she gets word that her father, the Lyon of Lambshold has been found dead.  It has been about ten years since Aralorn has been home.  Even though she was loved by her family, as a bastard and daughter of a shapeshifter, she never truly felt at home.  Which is part of the reason she left and went to Sianim.  Upon coming home, she is joined by Wolf, her companion and lover.  After spending time with her father's body, she quickly learns the Lyon is not dead but ensorcelled.  Her stepmother calls forth the current ae'Magi to see if he can help unweave the spell on her husband.  Not only does the journey help bring Aralorn closer with her family, she is also reunited with her mother's brother, a shapeshifter who agrees to help Wolf learn to control his green magic.

The story was very enjoyable, however not as good as Masques.  I will still be keeping my eye out though to see if another book is written in this series.  I also think I will look into some of Patricia Briggs' other work.

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