Friday, December 9, 2011

A Clash of Kings

Well it took me a while to finish this second book in the series but completely understandable considering how long a book it is!  But oh so good!  This series has totally turned into a guilty pleasure!  As with the first book in the series (Game of Thrones), each chapter is from a character's point of view.  While reading the first book I really loved following Daenerys and Jon's chapters.  It was so easy for me to get lost in the words and before I knew it the chapter was over and I was on to a new character.  Don't get me wrong, I loved reading about the other characters but theirs was my favorite.  The same held true for A Clash of Kings.  However, this time my focus was on Arya and Tyrion.  The chapters with their endeavors were my favorite.

Robert's death and his "son" Joffrey taking the throne has stirred a lot of defiance in the realm.  Robert's youngest brother, Renly, believes he should be king, his other brother, Stannis, believes he should have the crown, and Robb Stark has been made king of the North.  So many people calling themselves king and no wonder a war breaks out!  I don't want to give too much away but all I can say is I really hate Theon Greyjoy!  I was hoping someone would kill him off but the ending left me confused on if this did happen or not.  So much happens in this book that I really don't feel I can sit here and summarize it all, if I tried I would be sitting her until late at night and this would be one super long blog entry!  I will say one thing that continues to frustrate me is that the Stark children are all so far away from each other and it seems like no matter what they do they can't get closer to being with their family.  Sansa is still stuck at King's Landing under the watchful eye of Queen Cersei, Arya is disguised as a boy and heading to the Wall, Jon travels beyond the Wall to discover what dangers await, Bran and Rickon remain at Winterfell, and Robb is fighting against Lannisters.  I hope future books bring them back together.  I know there are a lot in this series so I have some serious reading to do!

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