Friday, January 13, 2012

Stopping Time

This is yet again another short story from Melissa Marr, who wrote the Wicked Lovely series about faeries and the different courts.  This particular short story takes place after Ink Exchange.  If you have not read the series then please do not read this blog because it does contain *SPOILERS* about Ink Exchange.

Do not read any further unless you have read the series or you don't plan to.

After Ink Exchange, Leslie left Huntsdale in hopes of having a normal life.  Unfortunately she still has the Sight and can see fairies everywhere she goes.  She soon learns they are fairies sent from the Dark Court, from her previous lovers Nial and Irial.  Soon, Irial himself starts to visit.  She has vowed to never talk to him but that doesn't stop her from sneaking a peak ;)  One day she begins to receive calls and no one on the other line ever answers.  She is scared and thinks it is someone from the faerie world.  One day while sitting in class she receives multiple text messages from the phone caller telling her to meet her outside or else he will expose the faeries for the monsters they are.  Since she still feels a strong connection to Nial and Irial, she decides to meet the person and see what they want.  The person in question is none other than her drugged out abusive brother Ren.  A brother with a gun.  What will happen when Nial and Irial find out Leslie is being held at gun point?  Will she survive?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love Struck

So I was online browsing through Barnes and Nobles super cheap books and came across this novella for only $0.99.  Melissa Marr wrote the Wicked Lovely series about fairies and the wars between their courts.  I loved the series so I decided to go ahead and get this.  It was super short and took no time at all to read.  Yeah there could have been more to the book because it just started all of a sudden but I enjoyed it.

Alana, a teenager, is spending her night at a beach party.  The beach is one place she feels comfortable.  She is approached by a super hot but super creepy guy.  He tries to get her to go with him and he offers her his coat.  But being the smart girl that she is, she reaches for the mace in her purse and runs away.  Deciding to go the opposite way of the creepy guy, she sets out further down the beach.  There she runs into another super hot guy half submerged in the water.  As she steps back away from him, she steps on a coat similar to the one creepy guy was trying to give her.  She then realizes everything her grandmother had ever told her, all the fairy tale stories were true.  For this guy was a selchie and she was standing on his Other-Skin.  Now that she had touched it she knows she is bound to him, as a mate.  She does the only thing she can think of, pick up the pelt and run. 

I won't say anymore so as to not give too much away.  I liked this story because I like Melissa Marr but also because not that long ago I had seen the movie Ondine with Colin Farrell and it is all about female selchies.  It was a good movie.  Like I said, this is a really quick read so definitely give it a shot.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Miss Peregrine's Home for Pecular Children

I am actually reading a book right now but it is so long and difficult to get through that I reasoned I needed a break from it.  A fellow blogger told me about this book so I decided to download it and read away.  It was a good book and a quick read (which I was looking for).  The really cool thing about it is the author has spent lots of time gathering old photographs and he adds them into the story.  For example, he will be describing Olive the levitating girl and on the next page will be the picture shown above on the cover of the book.  It helped break things up when you had something else to look at.  Think of it as a picture book for adults :)

In the story we meet Jacob, a teen with an adventurous spirit who adores his grandfather.  Growing up Jacob used to hear stories about his grandfather's life as a child in Miss Peregrine's home.  A Polish Jew, Jacob's grandfather was snuck out of the country in order to avoid persecutions by the Germans.  He eventually found his way to Miss Peregrine.  His stories included monsters, a levitating girl, a boy who has bees living inside of him, etc.  As a young child, Jacob was in awe of the stories and believed they were real.  As he got older, he was teased for repeating the stories and told his grandfather to never again tell unreal stories.  One day Jacob gets a frantic call from his grandfather.  He says the monsters have come for him and he needs to key to his gun cabinet.  Jacob pushes it aside as old age but decides to go over to his grandfather's house.  There he finds his grandfather dying in the forest.  Before he dies, he whispers in Jacob's ear clues for him to follow.  Where do they lead?  Back to the house his grandfather grew up in.  Jacob decides to travel to the island where Miss Peregrine's house is.  When he gets there what will he find?  Will Miss Peregrine have answers about his grandfather's past?  Will the monsters come for him next?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dark Secrets 1

Well my friend definitely has good taste in books because she let me borrow another book that I ended up finishing in two days.  The book is Dark Secrets 1 by Elizabeth Chandler.  This book actually contains two stories, Legacy of Lies and Don't Tell.  Different characters in both books but based out of the same location.  I read this over Christmas and since I have no internet at home (yeah I know, I'm stuck in medieval times) I had to wait until today to blog about the book.  So please don't mind me if I forget to mention certain events.

Legacy of Lies begins with a young girl (Megan) traveling to visit her grandmother.  She has never met her grandmother even though she is sixteen years old.  She is also adopted.  Her mother (Caucasian) left her home town to marry her love (African American).  They were never able to have kids of their own so they adopted Megan and her two brothers.  The grandmother has always been upset at her daughter for running off with someone below her status.  So Megan is confused as to why her grandmother is so adamant on her coming to visit.  Megan doesn't want to but her parents push her to make the trip.  Not only does she meet her totally stuffed up grandmother, but she also meets her cousin, Matt, who is living with their grandmother.  After arriving, weird things start happening to Megan.  She realizes things she has dreamed of since she was a little girl are coming true.  For example, she has always dreamed of a house.  When she gets to her grandmother's she realizes the house in her dreams is her grandmother's house.  How is that possible when she has never been there before?  There is also the strange girl she keeps seeing, a ghost of the house.  Things are also moved with no one touching them.  Helen (the grandmother) is quick to put the blame on Megan.  Eventually Megan learns that Helen had a sister who died when she was sixteen, and Megan looks just like her.  Will she be next?

The second story in the book, Don't Tell, begins with a very young Lauren.  She is at her godmother's (Jule) house with her mom and her godmother's daughters (Holly and Nora).  Lauren used to spend every summer at Jule's, but this last summer her mom insisted on going.  The wife of a politician, Lauren's mother was paranoid and constantly told Lauren someone was watching her.  Her mother would also complain of finding her things in knots and things moving without anyone touching them.  Lauren blamed the alcohol.  However, one night Lauren's mother is found dead and floating in the river.  After seven years Lauren finally works up the courage to return to her godmother's house, the location of her mother's death.  Instantly Lauren begins to understand how her mother was feeling.  She feels as if she is being watched and she begins to find knots in everything.  Will she follow in her mother's footsteps and be next?