Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love Struck

So I was online browsing through Barnes and Nobles super cheap books and came across this novella for only $0.99.  Melissa Marr wrote the Wicked Lovely series about fairies and the wars between their courts.  I loved the series so I decided to go ahead and get this.  It was super short and took no time at all to read.  Yeah there could have been more to the book because it just started all of a sudden but I enjoyed it.

Alana, a teenager, is spending her night at a beach party.  The beach is one place she feels comfortable.  She is approached by a super hot but super creepy guy.  He tries to get her to go with him and he offers her his coat.  But being the smart girl that she is, she reaches for the mace in her purse and runs away.  Deciding to go the opposite way of the creepy guy, she sets out further down the beach.  There she runs into another super hot guy half submerged in the water.  As she steps back away from him, she steps on a coat similar to the one creepy guy was trying to give her.  She then realizes everything her grandmother had ever told her, all the fairy tale stories were true.  For this guy was a selchie and she was standing on his Other-Skin.  Now that she had touched it she knows she is bound to him, as a mate.  She does the only thing she can think of, pick up the pelt and run. 

I won't say anymore so as to not give too much away.  I liked this story because I like Melissa Marr but also because not that long ago I had seen the movie Ondine with Colin Farrell and it is all about female selchies.  It was a good movie.  Like I said, this is a really quick read so definitely give it a shot.

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