Monday, January 9, 2012

Miss Peregrine's Home for Pecular Children

I am actually reading a book right now but it is so long and difficult to get through that I reasoned I needed a break from it.  A fellow blogger told me about this book so I decided to download it and read away.  It was a good book and a quick read (which I was looking for).  The really cool thing about it is the author has spent lots of time gathering old photographs and he adds them into the story.  For example, he will be describing Olive the levitating girl and on the next page will be the picture shown above on the cover of the book.  It helped break things up when you had something else to look at.  Think of it as a picture book for adults :)

In the story we meet Jacob, a teen with an adventurous spirit who adores his grandfather.  Growing up Jacob used to hear stories about his grandfather's life as a child in Miss Peregrine's home.  A Polish Jew, Jacob's grandfather was snuck out of the country in order to avoid persecutions by the Germans.  He eventually found his way to Miss Peregrine.  His stories included monsters, a levitating girl, a boy who has bees living inside of him, etc.  As a young child, Jacob was in awe of the stories and believed they were real.  As he got older, he was teased for repeating the stories and told his grandfather to never again tell unreal stories.  One day Jacob gets a frantic call from his grandfather.  He says the monsters have come for him and he needs to key to his gun cabinet.  Jacob pushes it aside as old age but decides to go over to his grandfather's house.  There he finds his grandfather dying in the forest.  Before he dies, he whispers in Jacob's ear clues for him to follow.  Where do they lead?  Back to the house his grandfather grew up in.  Jacob decides to travel to the island where Miss Peregrine's house is.  When he gets there what will he find?  Will Miss Peregrine have answers about his grandfather's past?  Will the monsters come for him next?

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