Friday, January 13, 2012

Stopping Time

This is yet again another short story from Melissa Marr, who wrote the Wicked Lovely series about faeries and the different courts.  This particular short story takes place after Ink Exchange.  If you have not read the series then please do not read this blog because it does contain *SPOILERS* about Ink Exchange.

Do not read any further unless you have read the series or you don't plan to.

After Ink Exchange, Leslie left Huntsdale in hopes of having a normal life.  Unfortunately she still has the Sight and can see fairies everywhere she goes.  She soon learns they are fairies sent from the Dark Court, from her previous lovers Nial and Irial.  Soon, Irial himself starts to visit.  She has vowed to never talk to him but that doesn't stop her from sneaking a peak ;)  One day she begins to receive calls and no one on the other line ever answers.  She is scared and thinks it is someone from the faerie world.  One day while sitting in class she receives multiple text messages from the phone caller telling her to meet her outside or else he will expose the faeries for the monsters they are.  Since she still feels a strong connection to Nial and Irial, she decides to meet the person and see what they want.  The person in question is none other than her drugged out abusive brother Ren.  A brother with a gun.  What will happen when Nial and Irial find out Leslie is being held at gun point?  Will she survive?

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