Monday, March 26, 2012


Sigh, from vampires to werewolves...I love my reading collection :)  Linger is another book my super awesome friend let me borrow and it is the second book in the Mercy Falls Werewolves story.  In book one, Shiver, we are introduced to the werewolves and other characters in the story.  So it's a bit hard for me to tell you my thoughts about Linger without giving away spoilers about Shiver.

Linger begins with everything being all peaches and cream.  Sam and Grace are finally together and he is no longer changing into a wolf.  Of course the whole book can't be that way because it would be boring and no one would read it.  There is a new werewolf, Cole, that we get a back story on so that is pretty cool.  Now that Beck is a werewolf for good, it's up to Sam to take care of Cole and the other new werewolves.  But Grace is keeping a secret from Sam.  Constant headaches, fever, and bloody noses plague her days.  Doctors say it is just the flu, but Grace knows it isn't.  She feels the wolf in her stirring, the wolf she should have become ten years earlier.  What will happen to her?

I love these books because they are quick reads and I can relate to the characters.  Can't wait to read the next book in the series!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Okay, I admit it, I bought this book because I loved the cover.  My boyfriend finds it hilarious that I choose video games and books based off of their covers and not titles or anything like that.  Well I'm glad my method paid off because this was a good book.  Think Mulan meets Kung Fu Panda.

Eon is one of twelve tributes training to become a Dragoneye.  Every year, at the new year, the dragon of that year chooses a new apprentice.  It is the year of the Rat Dragon and all tributes hope for the honor of becoming a Dragoneye.  For Eon it is more than hope, it would mean survival.  Eon's master has put everything into training and if Eon is not chosen he will be left with nothing.  But there is a secret Eon and the master are keeping; Eon is actually Eona.  If the council and emperor found out a girl was a tribute, it would mean their death.  No pressure, huh?  To make matters even worse, a terrible accident left Eon a cripple.  A faulty hip means Eon might not have a chance to become a Dragoneye.  What will happen when he steps on the field and is tested by the Rat Dragon?

I don't want to give away anymore but I will say that I found out some of the "secrets" before they were mentioned in the book.  Some were so obvious.  So it was frustrating that I already knew the answers but Eon did not.  There literally was a time where I started yelling at the book!  I will definitely be getting the next book, Eona.  While I was reading Eon I actually thought it would make a good movie with tons of super cool affects. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dark Secrets 2

I love having a friend that has the same taste in books as me because that means I get to borrow her books!  I read Dark Secrets 1 a while ago but I loved it.  Quick read and very entertaining.  So I was excited when my friend said she had Dark Secrets 2.  Just like the first book, this book had two short stories in one book.  What I like about the stories is they all take place in Wisteria, Maryland so some of the characters are similar throughout the stories.

No Time to Die
In the first story, young Jenny travels to the drama camps where her sister was murdered.  Even though she is a gymnast and has terrible stage fright, she is hoping to uncover the truth behind her sister's murder.  What made this story so fun for me is they were doing A Midsummer Night's Dream and some of the lines they quoted in the play were my lines from when I was in the play in high school.  I still remember my lines (nerd alert!) and had so much fun reading them out loud from the book ;)  I won't give anything away except to say I was shocked at the end, not at all what I was expecting.

The Deep End of Fear
At five years old, Kate and her parents unexpectedly leave the Westbrook estate in the middle of the night.  Kate never understood why.  She was too young to realize they left shortly after her friend Ashley Westbrook was found drowned in the icy pond.  Twelve years later, Kate finds herself back at the Westbrook estate fulfilling the wishes of her dying father.  She soon notices that little Patrick Westbrook is repeating many of Ashley's not so nice qualities.  I liked this story but it took a little bit more time for me to get into than No Time to Die.  I really liked it though and the ending left me wanting more.

I hope there's a Dark Secrets 3 in the near future!  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Silver-Tongued Devil

Can I just say how much I love, LOVE, the Sabina Kane series?!  This is the fourth book in the series and I swear each book gets better and better.  I initially started the series because the first book is called Red Headed Step-Child and I only bought it because that is what my cousin used to call me.  Yes I have red hair but no I am not a step anything.  I'm the only one in my family with red hair so he joked around I was a step-kid.  Anyways, I instantly loved the character Sabine.  She's one bad-ass vampire.  Actually she's even more that that.  All vampires are born with bright red hair.  All mages are born with black hair.  Sabina is half and half so she has red and black hair.  Needless to say she kind of sticks out like a sore thumb.  She's not the only one though, throughout the series she discovers she has a twin sister who has been living with the mages while Sabina was living with the vampires.  Sabina also has her boyfriend Mage, Adam, and her demon Ghigul, who is the laugh of the party.  Ghigul has sass and comebacks like you wouldn't believe.  I love his character.  Now on to the plot ;)

Silver-Tongued Devil takes place after the gang has returned from New Orleans.  The evil vampire Lavinia Kane is dead, Sabina has her hot mage, and a peace treaty is just around the corner amongst the dark races.  Yeah Sabina's twin Maisie is real messed up in the head because of what happened in New Orleans, but they are trying to fix her.  Everything should be all hunky-dory.  Until murders start happening in New York.  Sabina must find out what is happening, help her sister, keep things going with her relationship, and watch after her demon.  She's got a lot on her plate.  I thought the story was great and held my interest.  I didn't want to put the book down!  Can't wait for the next book in the series!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lenobia's Vow

When I first heard P.C. and Kristin Cast were going to write House of Night novellas while still writing the HoN series, I admit I was worried.  Lenobia's Vow is the second novella they have finished.  The first was Dragon's Oath.  I liked Dragon's Oath but I thought Lenobia's story was more enjoyable to read.  The book centers around 16 year old Lenobia and her journey from France to New Orleans.  It's a journey of love but also a journey towards being marked.  Lenobia boards a ship set for New France (New Orleans) to start a new life.  While on the ship she meets Martin, the son of a powerful white man and hisblack mistress.  Lenobia grows to love Martin but there is another who has his eyes on her.  The Bishop, an evil man being exiled to New Orleans, has dark thoughts about Lenobia.  Will he make the journey a miserable one, or will Lenobia be happy with Martin?  I don't want to give away too much ;)

I really liked this book but I felt as if the last few pages were rushed.  I felt they could have spent another 20-30 pages on the ending.  But I know it's a novella and supposed to be short.  I liked that it was a fast read, especially after having just finished over 800 pages of Inheritance!