Friday, March 16, 2012

Dark Secrets 2

I love having a friend that has the same taste in books as me because that means I get to borrow her books!  I read Dark Secrets 1 a while ago but I loved it.  Quick read and very entertaining.  So I was excited when my friend said she had Dark Secrets 2.  Just like the first book, this book had two short stories in one book.  What I like about the stories is they all take place in Wisteria, Maryland so some of the characters are similar throughout the stories.

No Time to Die
In the first story, young Jenny travels to the drama camps where her sister was murdered.  Even though she is a gymnast and has terrible stage fright, she is hoping to uncover the truth behind her sister's murder.  What made this story so fun for me is they were doing A Midsummer Night's Dream and some of the lines they quoted in the play were my lines from when I was in the play in high school.  I still remember my lines (nerd alert!) and had so much fun reading them out loud from the book ;)  I won't give anything away except to say I was shocked at the end, not at all what I was expecting.

The Deep End of Fear
At five years old, Kate and her parents unexpectedly leave the Westbrook estate in the middle of the night.  Kate never understood why.  She was too young to realize they left shortly after her friend Ashley Westbrook was found drowned in the icy pond.  Twelve years later, Kate finds herself back at the Westbrook estate fulfilling the wishes of her dying father.  She soon notices that little Patrick Westbrook is repeating many of Ashley's not so nice qualities.  I liked this story but it took a little bit more time for me to get into than No Time to Die.  I really liked it though and the ending left me wanting more.

I hope there's a Dark Secrets 3 in the near future!  

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