Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Okay, I admit it, I bought this book because I loved the cover.  My boyfriend finds it hilarious that I choose video games and books based off of their covers and not titles or anything like that.  Well I'm glad my method paid off because this was a good book.  Think Mulan meets Kung Fu Panda.

Eon is one of twelve tributes training to become a Dragoneye.  Every year, at the new year, the dragon of that year chooses a new apprentice.  It is the year of the Rat Dragon and all tributes hope for the honor of becoming a Dragoneye.  For Eon it is more than hope, it would mean survival.  Eon's master has put everything into training and if Eon is not chosen he will be left with nothing.  But there is a secret Eon and the master are keeping; Eon is actually Eona.  If the council and emperor found out a girl was a tribute, it would mean their death.  No pressure, huh?  To make matters even worse, a terrible accident left Eon a cripple.  A faulty hip means Eon might not have a chance to become a Dragoneye.  What will happen when he steps on the field and is tested by the Rat Dragon?

I don't want to give away anymore but I will say that I found out some of the "secrets" before they were mentioned in the book.  Some were so obvious.  So it was frustrating that I already knew the answers but Eon did not.  There literally was a time where I started yelling at the book!  I will definitely be getting the next book, Eona.  While I was reading Eon I actually thought it would make a good movie with tons of super cool affects. 

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