Monday, March 26, 2012


Sigh, from vampires to werewolves...I love my reading collection :)  Linger is another book my super awesome friend let me borrow and it is the second book in the Mercy Falls Werewolves story.  In book one, Shiver, we are introduced to the werewolves and other characters in the story.  So it's a bit hard for me to tell you my thoughts about Linger without giving away spoilers about Shiver.

Linger begins with everything being all peaches and cream.  Sam and Grace are finally together and he is no longer changing into a wolf.  Of course the whole book can't be that way because it would be boring and no one would read it.  There is a new werewolf, Cole, that we get a back story on so that is pretty cool.  Now that Beck is a werewolf for good, it's up to Sam to take care of Cole and the other new werewolves.  But Grace is keeping a secret from Sam.  Constant headaches, fever, and bloody noses plague her days.  Doctors say it is just the flu, but Grace knows it isn't.  She feels the wolf in her stirring, the wolf she should have become ten years earlier.  What will happen to her?

I love these books because they are quick reads and I can relate to the characters.  Can't wait to read the next book in the series!

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