Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Darkest Seduction

Finally!  Paris' story!  It's been how many books and all that has happened to Paris has been a roller coaster of disappointment.  This is the latest book in the Lords of the Underworld series so please see my other blogs for more description.

Paris is the keeper of the demon Promiscuity.  He needs sex or else he will weaken and die.  Sounds great for any guy, right?  Wrong!  He can never be with the same woman more than once.  All Paris yearns for is love and a relationship.  He tried once but had to cheat on her because he was weakening.  All that changed when he met Sienna.  A former Hunter who helped trap him so her Hunter colleagues could poke and prod him.  She drugged him and in his weakened state she had to have sex with him so the Hunters could utilize him.  They didn't expect it would strengthen him so much he would be able to break out of his bonds.  When he broke free he grabbed Sienna intending to use her as his ticket out.  It wasn't until his body reacted that he realized she was the one he could be with more than once.  By the time he had this revelation it was too late.  Hunters were firing at him, not even caring that Sienna was with him.  As an immortal he could get shot and still live, but not Sienna.  With her dying breath she cursed Paris.  After her death, Paris lost control.  He became an ambrosia addict, a drug of the gods.  Paris later learns that Cronus took Sienna's spirit and infused her with the demon of Wrath.  Paris sets out on a quest to find where Cronus is hiding her to set her free.

In the Darkest Seduction Paris has finally discovered where Cronus is hiding Sienna.  He feels guilty for her death and she has become his obsession.  He doesn't know how she will react to him or if she will even want to see him.  Now that Sienna has wrath in her, she is able to see all the wrong-doings people have done.  That includes her Hunters.  She sees how terrible they are and that the Lords aren't that bad.  She cares for Paris and wants to apologize for cursing him while she died.  Even when they finally meet up they know they cannot stay together.  Even if Paris can be with her more than once, he fears he will have to cheat again if he weakens too much.  Always obstacles in their way, they don't know if they can overcome them to be together.  Such an awesome story and I loved the ending.  Gena has almost written about all the Lords so you know the end is in sight but I heard she was going to write spin off stories about the angels that have been helping the Lords.  YAY!

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