Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Darkest Surrender

First of all, Gena Showalter has quickly become one of my favorite paranormal romance authors.  I love her writing and she keeps you entertained.  Must be considering this is the twelfth book in the Lords of the Underworld series that I have read.  To give you a brief background: these Lords were there when Pandora opened the box and the demons that escaped entered their bodies.  This book is about Strider, keeper of the demon defeat.  If someone challenges him, he has to win or else he will end up on his back and doubled over with pain.  So you know it is going to be an interesting story when he is teamed up with Kaia, harpy extraordinaire.  What I liked about this book is even though it was supposed to be Strider's story, it merged to include Kaia's story.  We learn about her past and how she ended up with the name Kaia the Disappointment.   Now Kaia has been invited to play in the harpy games.  First prize just so happens to be an artifact the lords are looking for that will prevent hunters from sending their demons back into Pandora's Box.  That means Strider has to accompany Kaia to the games.  He spends the whole time being cold to her and not fulfilling all the consort duties because he is afraid she will challenge him and he will end up in pain and won't be able to get the rod.  Before long he realizes he likes Kaia's nature and the challenges she elicits from him.  But is it too little, too late?  Will he be able to protect her from the games?

Man let me just say Kaia is one kick ass harpy.  She is proactive and an ask questions later kind of girl.  She spends the whole book trying to prove she is not truly Kaia the Disappointment (yes they do explain how she got that name).  Kaia's character is fun and I loved reading the scenes from her life.  I think I preferred reading about her over Strider ;)  Can't wait for the next read, it will be Paris' story, keeper of the demon of promiscuity.

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