Monday, May 7, 2012


I was so excited when Amazon alerted me that another Sookie Stackhouse book was available for me to buy.  So I hopped over to Barnes & Noble and ordered it on my nook.  The first eight books I borrowed from a friend and read back to back, so the last two I have gotten on my nook.  The books are very quick reads and very enjoyable.  Since this is the eleventh or so book in the series, I can't really go into what happens because that would be giving away too many secrets.  So instead I will comment on Charlaine Harris' writing of the books.  As I already said these books are very quick reads.  It wasn't until after seeing season one of True Blood on HBO that I decided I wanted to read the books.  Luckily I had a friend who had all of the books (up till that point, which was book eight or nine).  The first book was very similar to the TV show so it was a little difficult to get through it quickly because it felt like a repeat that I was watching.  But I trudged through it and went on to the next book.  From there the pace picked up and I sped through them in no time.  Since I did read them one right after another, I started to notice inconsistencies.  For example, at the beginning of the series, Charlaine said Maxine Fortenberry was Hoyt's grandmother.  Somewhere later she started referring to her as Hoyt's mother.  I wonder if this was intentional, considering in the HBO series Maxine is his mother, or if it had been too long in between books and she forgot she said grandmother?  I have also started to notice with these later books that she writes in circles.  For example, she starts with one story line, in Deadlocked it is the girl that Eric almost killed and was later found dead on his front lawn.  Then she goes into another story, then back to the first, then to another, and so on.  In some cases it works because she is going back and answering questions we had from past books.  But at the same time it can give you a bit of a headache trying to figure out what it going on.  Then she does this so often that the end of the book comes very quickly and I'm not entirely impressed with the way it ends.  I lose interest from the many story switches to the point where at the end where there is the big battle or the big reveal my only response is "eh."  But I still really like the series and look forward to the next book.  I just wonder if she has thought about ending the series anytime soon?  Yeah it would suck to not have anymore Sookie and Bill and Eric but it might be a good idea for her to keep her audience. 

No matter what happens in this series, I still heart Eric ;)

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