Friday, May 11, 2012

The Hunt

Are you a Hunger Games fan?  Then you have to read this book!  I'm a fan of the House of Night young adult series and have signed up for their email announcements.  Because of this I also get information on other new books that are coming out.  I got an email about this one and was able to go online and read the first chapter...and I was hooked.  It was a really quick read (finished in two days) and I liked the storyline.  Can't wait for the sequel.

The story begins much like the movie Zombieland does, with all these rules to survive.  Kind of cool, especially since I am a huge Zombieland fan.  Vampires have taken over the world and humans (hepers as they are called) are becoming extinct.  There is one brave heper who live among the humans.  His rules set forth by his father are to help him survive.  Rules such as, no laughter, shave every day, no body odor, whiten your fake fangs, don't call attention to yourself...and the list goes on.  The main character is eventually left alone when his father if found out and bit.  Things are going okay until an announcement from the Ruler comes, there will be another Heper Hunt.  It's been ten years since the last hunt.  Vampires are randomly chosen and whisked away to train for the hunt.  Including the main character (who's name you don't find out until the end).  The only problem, he isn't able to stop by his house first and sneak his razor, deodorant and other items needed to survive.  Now he's in the hornet's nest and must survive the four days before the heper hunt and not have anyone figure out what he is. Can he do it? 

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