Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Storm of Swords

Two and a half weeks ago I piled my stuff and family all in one car as we set out to drive from California to Iowa for our family reunion.  What I love best about this trip is all the reading I get done.  Much better to sit in the car and read the whole time than to look out the window and see tree, tree, tree, tree, rest stop...I took my nook with me and made sure it was loaded with plenty of books.  I decided since the books are so large I would read the third book in the Fire and Ice series (or Game of Thrones as I keep referring to it as).  I especially wanted to read this because I know the books are 800+ pages.  Two and a half weeks and I just finished it last night.

I can't really tell you what this story is about because it gives away too much for someone who hasn't read the first two books.  When I first started reading this series, I was annoyed that each chapter is a different person.  Now I am very glad for it.  It helps keep the story fresh and I do not get tired or bored with a character's story.  My top three favorite characters are Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, and Arya Stark.  One thing I have learned quickly from reading these books is that in each one be prepared for George R. R. Martin to kill off one of the main characters.  I am actually glad I did decide to read this book because the last two or three episodes of the HBO show brought in parts of this book so I knew what was going to happen.