Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blue-Blooded Vamp

So I had every intention of finishing A Dance with Dragons and being done with that series before I moved on to any other books.  That was before Jaye Wells came out with the final book in the Sabina Kane series.  That was before I logged onto and ordered Blue-Blooded Vamp.  I got it in the mail and while reading A Dance with Dragons I would look over and see Blue-Blooded Vamp staring at me from my pile of need-to-read books.  I couldn't help it, I caved!  I just had to read it instead.  So I did :) 

I have loved this series since the first book and even better is how quickly I am able to get through these books.  Jaye Wells has a great writing style that throws in lots of comedy at the perfect moments and she makes you want to keep reading.  Maybe that's why my arm is so sore, from holding the book up for so long? 

Now on to Blue-Blooded Vamp.  Cain is now loose on the world and the only hope of stopping him is to find the mage Abel, the only person who ever succeeded in capturing and containing Cain.  Sabina must travel to Italy to try and track down Abel and see what can be done.  What she doesn't expect is Abel to be a blast from her past.  I'm not going to say who because that would spoil things ;)  They know only the Chosen can kill Cain.  So pretty much Sabina spends the whole book trying to prove she is the Chosen.  That and she has to deal with a trip to Irkalla.  It was an awesome book, a quick read, and I am so sad that I will not be able to read about Sabina Kane anymore :(  Oh well, I will just have to check out what else Jaye Wells has written :)

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