Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why I Haven't Been Reading

Every morning when I get to work I check out all the blogs I am subscribed to in order to see if there are new posts.  Of course my own blog is in the list I check out.  Why?  I don't know.  Firefox automatically subscribed me to my own blog when I set it up.  I was looking at it today and realized I have not been posting that often lately.  It got me to thinking, why have I not been reading as much lately?  I came up with the top reasons and I wanted to share them on here:

A Dance with Dragons

I am in the process of reading the most recent book in the Song of Ice and Fire series.  I love the series and the characters but every time I read a chapter, I look down at the page counter on my nook and see that I am on page 400 something and I have to go to 1100.  It is an insanely long book and even though I read it during my hour long lunch break, when I get home I would rather do other things than read the book.  I hope that changes when I finish it and start another book because you know how much I love to read. 

One word: PS3 
  • I spoiled myself a while back and got a PS3 (Play Station 3).  I previously had a PS2 but everyone decided to stop making games for it.  It came down to either get a PS3 so I can get new games or spend forever playing the games I have for PS2.  When I thought of it that way the decision was pretty easy.  I bought the PS3 and have recently become obsessed with trying to finish a game:
  • One thing I like about this game is you get to choose what type of character you want to be (elf, dwarf, human) and what class (warrior, mage, etc.). And you can customize the way they look.  So of course mine is always an elf with red hair and green eyes.  Here's a picture of my character all blood splattered after a battle.
  • I love playing video games and they are a great distraction from all the stress in my life.

My Nail Obsession

I admit it, I have become a little obsessed with nail polish and nail art.  I am subscribed to ten blogs (well nine if you take mine out) and four of them are nail blogs.  I love finding new nail polish colors and instructions on how to do cool designs.  Then I jump on Amazon.com and try to find those nail polishes that I can't find in the store.  I have been known to change my nail color every day.  It helps take my mind off of everything.  I have enough stress in my life, I need a way to calm down and relax.  Check out some of my designs.


After my boyfriend broke up with me three months ago, I felt lost and alone and like my life had no purpose.  It took all of my energy just to get out of bed each morning and face the day.  My friend told me about a workout program she was doing.  I knew I needed to lose weight per my doctor's orders, so I decided to check it out.  I was so happy I did.  It is a lot of hard work and I sweat a lot but I absolutely love it and keep coming back for more.  I am about to start my third session and so far I have lost 15 pounds.  Last night I did a collage of a picture of me pre and post FitQuest.  I couldn't believe the difference!

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