Tuesday, October 30, 2012

50 Shades Darker

So the first book was okay, but I really liked the second book.  It had more story (and less of the stuff that will make you blush!).  I was thinking about this book and what I would say about it here on the blog and my friend gave me the perfect topic to discuss.  Her and I went to lunch (yummy, Thai food!) and were discussing the books.  I had just finished this one and she was on the third book.  Right away I brought up how annoying it is anytime someone in the book says, "laters, baby."  If my ex would have said that to me I think I would have looked him in the eye and said, "that's dumb, don't ever say it again."  She agreed with me and brought up another thing in the book that was annoying; all of the characters murmur.  Almost every dialogue ended with "I murmur" or "he murmured." Okay we get it, the characters cannot talk out loud like normal people.  Lastly, I got so annoyed reading about Ana's "inner goddess."  I got the point after the first ten statements, no need to make over a thousand!  Hm, that would be interesting to count every time she mentions her inner goddess ;)  To sum our lunch conversation up (and the conversation had to come to an end because I had eaten all my spicy green bean beef!), the author picks phrases and WAY overuses them.

Now that I have gotten all of that out of my system and pouted over no more spicy green bean beef (I so have to go back there for more once I am over my cleanse and 24 day challenge), I can talk about the overall concept of the book.  I liked that the first chapter took place right where the first book left off.  There was no lag of time.  Although, reading the book has made me miss my ex more and more :(

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mystic City

As I have said before, I have a super awesome book worm friend who lets me borrow books.  She just so happened to attend Comic Con this year (jealous!) and received an Advanced Readers Copy of Mystic City.  And of course since she is super awesome she passed it my way for me to read ;)  I absolutely loved it and really hope Theo Lawrence is planning to write more.  Especially since the book ended in a way that could continue on in a series.

This was a futuristic book that takes place in Manhattan.  There are two levels of habitation: the Depths and the Aeries.  When I read about the Aeries I think Hollywood glam, where all the flashy rich people are.  The Depths = poverty.  But it's so much more than that.  The Depths are also were mystics are forced to live, register, and be drained.  The way the book reads, mystics have always been around but this futuristic story has them finally out in the open and living amongst non-mystics.  Think witch meets X-Men.  Each mystic has a special power.  For example, one mystic can walk through walls (and pretty much anything solid).  Of course that mystic just happens to be the male lead Hunter ;)  When I was reading this book I thought a lot about Mistborn.  And this is also a lot like Romeo and Juliet.  It was a very quick read.

I guess I should give you a little bit of an idea what the book is about ;)  Aria Rose comes from a wealthy, political family and is engaged to Thomas Foster, also from a wealthy political family.  Their parents say theirs is a Romeo and Juliet relationship.  Think of the Roses and Fosters as the Capulets and Montagues.  Only thing is, Aria has no memory of a relationship with Thomas.  According to her parents she suffered an overdose and that's why she can't remember.  But then enter cool, calm, collective Hunter and her heart goes pitter patter and she's all sorts of confused.  She basically spends the rest of the book trying to remember what she has forgotten.  And of course a lot of other stuff I can't tell you ;)  I highly recommend it though :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

Yes, I did it, I caved under the pressure and decided to finally read the 50 shades trilogy.  First of all I have to apologize for the picture taken on my phone.  When I typed 50 Shades of Grey into Google you would be surprised what came up.  Most were pictures of celebrities people want to be in the movie, one was even a clay sculpture of Christian Grey in his red room of pain.  Man that person has too much time on their hands.  So needless to say I could not find a good enough picture of the book so you have to deal with the nook picture I took on my phone.

Lately this book has been all the craze and people cannot stop talking about it.  To be honest I was getting sick and tired of hearing about it, especially when people referred to it as "Mommy Porn."  I told myself I would never read it.  I am an avid reader of Paranormal Romance but stray from just romance.  I want story, I want plot, I want characters I grow to love.  I didn't want a book that was nothing but sex and had no plot, which is what I thought 50 shades would be.  Finally, I found out one of my friends was reading it.  This is a friend who always lets me borrow books and has really good taste.  She was given the first book and after reading it decided to buy the next two on her kindle (which I completely understand doing, I bought it on my nook so no one would see what I was reading).  After many battles in my head I decided to finally read it.  Here's my reasoning, so many people I know get annoyed and say how terrible Twilight is based off of the movies.  I always tell them unless they read the books they can't say anything bad.  I'm in that position.  Here I was saying bad stuff about 50 shades and yet I had not read it yet.  I thought okay I will read this and then I can justify saying what crap it was.  Boy was I wrong! 

I wouldn't say I loved the book but I really did enjoy it.  It is nothing like I thought it would be.  The first part of the book is all story and plot and introductions to characters.  It's a long time before you even get to any of the sexual stuff.  Even the sexual stuff wasn't as smut as I thought it would be.  The only thing I had a problem with was the nature of the sex.  Anyone who hasn't read the book knows the male lead, Christian Grey, is into BDSM.  Which is a big oh hell no for me.  Luckily there isn't much of that in the book.  The end of the book kind of just happened and I don't feel like there was closure to the story.  Probably because the author knew there were going to be more books.  I bought this as a trilogy on my nook so I will definitely be continuing on to the next book.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wicked Nights

I have to say that I love, love, LOVE Gena Showalter books!  She keeps my interest and makes me want to come back for more.  When I first read her Lord of the Underworld series, I had a hard time getting following it and the reading was slow.  Now that I know all of the characters and the story I just can't get enough.  A new book of hers comes out and I have to run to Target and buy it.  Unless they do something stupid like only offer it online like they are doing with her Alice in Zombieland book!  So upset about that!  I need to find a way to buy it.

Wicked Nights is a branch off of the Lord of the Underworld series.  In the last few books of the LotU we were introduced to a bunch of angels.  We have already read Lysander's story and learned about his love for his harpy.  Wicked Nights is all about Zacharel, an angel without feelings who has been charged with leading the angel misfits.  A group of angels who have hurt humans without a second thought.  Zacharel and his angels are dispersed to a mental asylum where demons are frantically trying to get inside.  Zacharel learns they are after a demon-marked woman who has been charged with murdering her family.  Only problem, she's innocent.  The demon her murdered her parents is the same demon who sent all the lesser demons to the asylum to try and attack the girl, Annabelle.  Zacharel "steals" Annabelle to try and figure out which demon has marked her and how he can save her from being a demon's consort.  Along the way he slowly learns how to feel again.  But will it be love or forever pain?  Queue "duh, duh, duh" music!  

As usual, Showalter knows how to make her female leads totally bad ass!  Locked away for four years in a mental institution and the majority of it spent drugged up, Annabelle is totally bad ass!  She fights and kills demons AND puts Zacharel in his place.  I love that she takes a new spin on the whole damsel in distress where the damsel is trying to save herself and the guy is just added bonus ;)  Cannot wait for the next book in this series, Koldo's story.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Golden Lily

So glad Richelle Mead decided to write the Bloodlines series.  I loved Vampire Academy and was so sad when she finished that series.  So now I get my fix through this series.  As I said in my last post, it is a continuation of the Vampire Academy series but this series is told from the point of view of Sydney, an Alchemist.  Again this was another fast read.  In fact I finished most of it this past weekend while camping with my family.  It was perfect weather to sit outside with a book...until my nephew decided to shoot me with a water gun and he got some pages of the book :(  I was devastated!  But of course I didn't get mad at him, he's only 3.  So I silently cried inside because I like my books to stay in perfect condition, even after I have finished reading them.  Oh well. 

Now on to the book.  This picks up where Bloodlines finished (obviously, it's a series!).  Everything is going okay.  Keith is gone, another damphir has been brought in to help Eddie protect Jill, and Sydney has her own room and no longer has to be roommates to a vampire.  She even starts dating someone ;)  Of course nothing can ever just be normal.  One night Sydney and Sonya are attacked by masked humans...vampire hunters.  They soon realize they have bigger problems than just trying to keep Jill hidden.  Sydney has to learn to juggle her Alchemist duties, school, protecting Jill, her new guy, and help look out after Adrian.  She's got a full plate but she's one pretty awesome character.  I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out!

Now on to the next book.  Luckily I have a super awesome friend who gave me a Trader Joe's bad FULL of books to read ;)  I'll be busy for a while!

Monday, October 1, 2012


Well, now that I am done with those long George R. R. Martin books, I'm zooming through these!  Richelle Mead wrote one of my favorite vampire series, Vampire Academy.  So you can imagine how excited I was to be in the book section of Walmart and pick up Bloodlines only to realize it is a branch from the Vampire Academy series and contained a lot of the same characters!  I almost started jumping up and down with joy.  They had Bloodlines and the second book in the series.  I bough both on a whim that they would be good.  The first did not disappoint!

In the Vampire Academy series we are introduced to Sydney, an Alchemist who helps Rose out of some pretty tight situations.  She has grown up being taught that vampires are an abomination and Alchemists should stay clear of them if at all possible.  Sydney is in some deep doo-doo with the alchemists because she did help Rose out.  This book picks up where that left off.  Sydney is chosen to be a chaperone to Jill, a Moroi princess.  Jill's life is in danger and protecting her is a chance for Sydney to redeem herself.  Armed with her alchemist talents she is sent to Palm Springs where she will pretend to be Jill's sister and enroll in high school to watch out for her.  Not only does she have to deal with Jill, but also Eddie, Jill's dhampir bodyguard, and Adrian, a spirit user with a care-free attitude.  She must overcome her fear of vampires to try and protect Jill.

Super awesome story and I cannot wait to start the second book on my lunch break today!