Tuesday, October 30, 2012

50 Shades Darker

So the first book was okay, but I really liked the second book.  It had more story (and less of the stuff that will make you blush!).  I was thinking about this book and what I would say about it here on the blog and my friend gave me the perfect topic to discuss.  Her and I went to lunch (yummy, Thai food!) and were discussing the books.  I had just finished this one and she was on the third book.  Right away I brought up how annoying it is anytime someone in the book says, "laters, baby."  If my ex would have said that to me I think I would have looked him in the eye and said, "that's dumb, don't ever say it again."  She agreed with me and brought up another thing in the book that was annoying; all of the characters murmur.  Almost every dialogue ended with "I murmur" or "he murmured." Okay we get it, the characters cannot talk out loud like normal people.  Lastly, I got so annoyed reading about Ana's "inner goddess."  I got the point after the first ten statements, no need to make over a thousand!  Hm, that would be interesting to count every time she mentions her inner goddess ;)  To sum our lunch conversation up (and the conversation had to come to an end because I had eaten all my spicy green bean beef!), the author picks phrases and WAY overuses them.

Now that I have gotten all of that out of my system and pouted over no more spicy green bean beef (I so have to go back there for more once I am over my cleanse and 24 day challenge), I can talk about the overall concept of the book.  I liked that the first chapter took place right where the first book left off.  There was no lag of time.  Although, reading the book has made me miss my ex more and more :(

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