Friday, October 19, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

Yes, I did it, I caved under the pressure and decided to finally read the 50 shades trilogy.  First of all I have to apologize for the picture taken on my phone.  When I typed 50 Shades of Grey into Google you would be surprised what came up.  Most were pictures of celebrities people want to be in the movie, one was even a clay sculpture of Christian Grey in his red room of pain.  Man that person has too much time on their hands.  So needless to say I could not find a good enough picture of the book so you have to deal with the nook picture I took on my phone.

Lately this book has been all the craze and people cannot stop talking about it.  To be honest I was getting sick and tired of hearing about it, especially when people referred to it as "Mommy Porn."  I told myself I would never read it.  I am an avid reader of Paranormal Romance but stray from just romance.  I want story, I want plot, I want characters I grow to love.  I didn't want a book that was nothing but sex and had no plot, which is what I thought 50 shades would be.  Finally, I found out one of my friends was reading it.  This is a friend who always lets me borrow books and has really good taste.  She was given the first book and after reading it decided to buy the next two on her kindle (which I completely understand doing, I bought it on my nook so no one would see what I was reading).  After many battles in my head I decided to finally read it.  Here's my reasoning, so many people I know get annoyed and say how terrible Twilight is based off of the movies.  I always tell them unless they read the books they can't say anything bad.  I'm in that position.  Here I was saying bad stuff about 50 shades and yet I had not read it yet.  I thought okay I will read this and then I can justify saying what crap it was.  Boy was I wrong! 

I wouldn't say I loved the book but I really did enjoy it.  It is nothing like I thought it would be.  The first part of the book is all story and plot and introductions to characters.  It's a long time before you even get to any of the sexual stuff.  Even the sexual stuff wasn't as smut as I thought it would be.  The only thing I had a problem with was the nature of the sex.  Anyone who hasn't read the book knows the male lead, Christian Grey, is into BDSM.  Which is a big oh hell no for me.  Luckily there isn't much of that in the book.  The end of the book kind of just happened and I don't feel like there was closure to the story.  Probably because the author knew there were going to be more books.  I bought this as a trilogy on my nook so I will definitely be continuing on to the next book.

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