Monday, December 3, 2012

Hidden: A House of Night Novel

Hidden is about the billionth book in the House of Night series...okay it is only the tenth book in the series but it feels like the billionth.  I love this series and Hidden was better than some of the past books but I feel like at some point it has to stop.

At this point in the series, the Vampire High Council has finally seen that Neferet really is the witch that Zoey and her group have claimed her to be...about friggin time!  It feels like the past five books all Zoey and her group have tried to do is show that Neferet is evil and has sided with Darkness.  It became very frustrating how long it took!  And still nothing was resolved!  Don't get me wrong, like I said I really like this series.  I just feel like lately it is the same thing over and over again: Neferet plans something evil, Zoey cries, Neferet succeeds with evil plan, Zoey cries, Neferet gets away, Zoey says she needs to be stronger.  You can only stand this story line for a little bit before it gets on your nerves and you want to stop reading.  We have already established that Neferet is evil and Zoey is very emotional and cries a lot.  In this book the Goddess Nyx had to tell her to basically grow up and stop crying.  When it comes to book series, I want the series to end and me want more.  I don't want the series to go on and on and on and have me lose interest in the books.  I used to be so excited when these books came out and would read them right away.  Now I find myself buying them a few weeks after they hit the stores and am in no rush to read them.  I think P.C. and Kristin Cast need to start thinking about ending the series.  I feel like maybe they are drawing out the series because of writing the corresponding novellas?  We will just have to see what happens.