Friday, January 4, 2013


I while ago I was browsing through books on Amazon and me, being the Irish obsessed girl I am, found a series that was based in Ireland.  I was ecstatic and instantly bought the series based off of that.  I'm weird and do things like that or pick up a book because it has an awesome cover (do the same with video games).  In those rare moments when you go out on a limb like that you can find a true gem.  And her name is Karen Marie Moning.  I instantly fell in love with the series and had to move on to her Highlander series.  She is a great writer and I loved every moment of every book I read.  So you can imagine how upset I was to learn the Fever series was over.  No more Mac, Barrons, Dani? :(  But then she did something...she continued the series from Dani's point of view!  The day Iced came out I ran to Target and picked it up.  It did not disappoint!

Iced picks up right where the Fever series ended.  The walls between worlds have fallen and the Fae are creeping their way into Dublin (well really all over the world but the book happens in Dublin).  Dani is there with her super powers and sword that can kill the fae.  However, there's a new monster in town that is icing everything and killing it.

Sorry, you know me, I'm not here to give you a play by play summary of what the book is about.  You want that go over to Amazon or Good Reads and read the reviews.  What I want to talk about is Dani.  In the fever series you saw everything from Mac's point of view.  And she always say Dani as a young teen who had a lot to learn about the world.  Everyone just saw her as some kid.  Now Iced gives us a different perspective.  We get to see that she is young (almost 14 as she keeps reminding everyone) but that she is wise beyond her years.  She was abandoned at a young age and had to grow up too quickly.  Yes she may be a young teen with raging hormones that confuse the heck out of her, but put her in a sticky situation and she can out think anyone.  That's why I liked her. 

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