Monday, February 25, 2013

Beautiful Darkness

Why have I not been posting as often?  Reading as often?  Well my friends, I have developed a bit of an obsession that has consumed all my time lately.  If it is not sitting at home watching all the DVDs then it is spending hours on Pinterest in the Geek category looking for pictures and videos of it.  Yep, that's right, I have become a Whovian!

Sadly though, I am all caught up and have no more episodes to watch :(  Boo for me but I bet my books are glad because that means I finally have time for them!  I was finally able to finish Beautiful Darkness, the sequel to Beautiful Creatures.  Started it forever ago, but as I have already said, the Doctor became numero uno for a while ;)

I liked this book a lot but felt it lacked some of the fascination that was present in the first book.  I think that's why it was so easy to set aside and become obsessed with the Doctor.  I found it wasn't holding my interest as much as the first book.  It could be that this book was so predictable!  Almost everything that should have been an OMG moment I had already figured out chapters sooner.  It is still a really good series and I will definitely continue to read it, I just hope the third book is better than the second.

I guess I should stop there and actually give you some more details about the story.  Obviously I can't tell you too much, SPOILERS!  Okay I just cracked myself up at that but unless you are a Whovian then I just look like a crazy person.  Bad Mindy!  No more Doctor Who references!  Back to the story.  In this book Lena has started to distance herself from Ethan.  He is just too much of a painful reminder of what happened in book one.  Even though the story is from Ethan's point of view, we spent so much of book one reading dialogue between him and Lena that it felt she was very much part of the story.  Since they are apart most of the second book, it is difficult to even remember Lena.  This book is so much more about Ethan and his role in the caster world.  Which is awesome, but we have no flippin clue what is going on with Lena.  I guess it makes sense though.  Ethan feels the same way so why shouldn't we be lost as well?  The thing I did really like about this book is you get even more into how bad-ass Amma is!  Definitely one you want on your side.  I do wish the book had more Marian.  She became one of my favorite characters in the first book and I missed her in this one.  At the end of the book, and the way it ended, I almost told myself, "Well that could have happened at the end of the first book so why didn't they just do it then?"  I guess we will see if it all picks up in book three.  Unfortunately I have some other books I really want to get to now, so book three will have to wait.

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