Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Neferet's Curse

This is the third and I believe final novella for the House of Night series.  I like these novellas because they are short and easy to read.  I do love the House of Night series but I am glad they are making the series come to an end.  It is one that keeps going on and on and on and is at the point where the story line is repeating and making me lose interest.

This novella is all about Neferet.  We all know she is a big, bad, ugly in the house of Night books and this is our chance to see why.  The story was disturbing on so many levels.  What happened to Neferet is terrible.  However, reading the story you learn she is going "dark" before that bad thing happens to her.  Yes I feel bad for her, no one should have gone through what she did.  But she could have changed the outcome.  She could have sided with Nyx and not Darkness.  That was her own choice.

This was a very quick read and interesting.  I look forward to reading the final books in the series.

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