Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Prey

The Prey is the second book in the Hunt series by Andrew Fukuda.  This book was really good but I felt it lacked some of the danger and suspense, hold you by the edge of your seat action that was in the first book.  The first book really set the mood and gave such a vivid picture of the vampires in the story.  They are definitely the vampires to be afraid of, not the gorgeous ones we see so much today (Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Angle, Spike, the list goes on).  I found myself not reading this at night because the vampires would gross me out.  Yes I am a full grown woman and this is a young adult book, don't judge!  At the end of the Hunt (SPOILERS) the Scooby gang (as I have dubbed them) got away from the vampires and are looking for the land of milk and honey the Scientist told them about.  The Prey picks up right where the Hunt ends.  And at first we do get a glimpse of vampires, but they are gone too soon and the rest of the story is all about Gene and the gang trying to find out where they are and what really happened to his father.  Very little vampires leads to a slower plot.  The book was still really good and I finished it in no time.  I just felt this one was a little predictable.  Luckily, Gene stayed his suspicious self and was constantly asking "why".  Which was great for us readers because we wanted to also know the why of something.  I was really pleased with how Fukuda ended the story.  Gene discovers what the Origin is and we are left there.  I look forward to reading the third book in the series (not sure if he is planning on this being a trilogy or not). 

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