Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Idigo Spell

Where the heck have I been?!  I feel like I have popped out of my office at work and all I can say is, "What year is it?  What day is it?  What time is it?"  We are coming to the end of the semester and I feel like everything is in fast forward mode.  Needless to say that means no time to read for this girl.  Which is why it took over a month...yes a month! finish reading The Indigo Spell.  Not at all a reflection on Richelle Mead.  She is such a wonderful writer and the book was so good.  I just did not have time.  I wanted to, so badly!  There were nights I would open the book to start reading and next thing I knew my exhaustion would kick in and the book would fall to the floor and I would nod off.  Hopefully all of the changes soon and I can get back on the book bandwagon.  Things have already been looking up.  I've been a good girl and brought my lunch every day this week.  That means reading time!  So hopefully it isn't too long before I'm posting about a new book ;)

Now on to why you came to this page in the first place!  Can I just start by saying I have a crush on Adrian!  In the Vampire Academy series he was just the drunk rich playboy who had a crush on Rose.  In this series (Bloodlines) we get a closer look at him and realize that is not him at all.  It's hard not to fall for him.  Which Sydney spends a lot of time trying not to do in this book ;)  Oops!  Did I just let out a spoiler! it is impossible for me to get through anything without a Doctor Who reference!!!!!!

Back on track!  This book focuses a lot more on Sydney and Adrian than it did in the past books.  Yeah there is this whole thing about finding Marcus and how he was involved with the alchemists, but really all we care about is Sydney and Adrian!!!!!!  As much as I love Jill and Eddie and I started to like Angeline, it was nice to have the book revolve so much around my two favorite characters.  Together they make a great team and uncover lots of good gossip about the alchemists.  I cannot wait to see what Mead has happen in the next book.  And there better be a next book or I will be one unhappy camper!

Until the next book!!!!!!

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