Monday, April 29, 2013


Aaaaaaannnnnnndddddd I'm back with a vengeance!  I have been a reading fool!  I think mainly because I have actually been bringing my lunch to work with me so that is one whole hour I can dedicate to reading while also trying to shove food in my mouth ;)  That and the book was so good it was hard not to want to read it!

This was yet another book from the Trader Joe bag of goodies I got from my friend.  Only a few more to go then I can go back to my never-ending stack of books at home.  I grabbed Unearthly because it was the shortest book left in the bag and had larger print than some of the other books.  I definitely did not feel like squinting!  So glad I grabbed it!  Although the synopsis has you second guessing.  The story is about a girl who is a quarter angel and she moves to Wyoming to fulfill her purpose.  You think this is going to be some religious fanatical book but it isn't!  Yes there are mentions of angels (hello!  The main character is after all part angel!) and a few God references but all in all it is about a young girl trying to find her place in the world while dealing with typical teenager angst.  You have the popular girl, the outcasts, the "goth", the bully, the get the hint.  She's a Cali girl in a small town world.  She took the midnight train going anywhere...oh wait, this isn't a Journey song!  More like she took the midnight car ride ;)  While still living in CA she begins to have visions of her purpose.  Her mom uproots them right then and there and moves them to Wyoming where her purpose will take place.  The story is basically all about her trying to find her place in this small Wyoming town and trying to unravel the mystery that is her purpose.

It was a very quick read and held my attention the whole time.  I was very glad when I got to the end and it is set up like it is part of the series.  Sign me up for the next book!

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