Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dance of Flames

All I have to say is thank goodness for the nook app on my phone.  I recently switched from an iPhone to a Droid and nook was one of the first apps I downloaded.  It comes in handy for those days I go to lunch and it is too awkward to read a book and turn the pages, or when I am at the karate studio waiting for boot camp to start.  Plus it seems like I read faster on the nook.  Maybe because I cannot physically see how much more I need to read?  Oh, and let's not forget the nights where I cannot sleep and lay down with my phone to read.  My nose hates for me that...too many times dropping my phone on my face.  Then I tell me nose, "well it could have been worse.  That could have been my iPad." 

Okay enough about my shameless nook plug!  This book is third in the Allegra Fairweather series.  I had the first book in my Barnes and Noble wish list for a long time because the plot sounded interesting.  So when I saw it go on sale for majorly cheap, I bought and downloaded it right away.  Read it in a matter of hours.  A few days later and I started the second book.  Still good but since it was in Boston it was not as gripping as the first, which was set in Scotland.  This book is set in Spain, so that helps add to the intrigue of the book.  No, the writing style is not the best and little things bug me, but I love the story!  Allegra is a paranormal investigator and has her very own guardian angel.  Pretty cool stuff.  The books are cheap so why not try them out?

And now I am down to reading two books at once instead of three.  Well that is unless I decide to start reading one of my recent downloads.  Which includes Allegiant, the third and final book in the Divergent trilogy...hhhhhhhmmmmmmm, getting ideas here!

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  1. That is how I feel about kindle! Sadly, all my nooks are hardcover at moment so not so easy to read!