Thursday, October 24, 2013

Where, oh where have I been?

I have to admit, lately I have not at all been motivated to post on the latest books I have read.  Part of me says who cares when no one is reading this anyways?  I've had so much going on lately and my depression has been through the roof.  Then I remember that I started this blog more for myself anyways.  It was a way for me to think about the books I read and put my thoughts into words.  As I have said in past posts, I am not going to give a synopsis of what the book is about.  You want that then go to Amazon and read the reviews.  I care more about getting my feelings about the book and the characters down.

With that being said, I have been doing a lot of reading.  In fact right now I am reading three books at the same time.  Crazy, I know.  Thank goodness I have still been taking pictures of books as I finish them and posting them on Facebook or else I would not even know what books I had read since my last blog post!  So, here is the lineup of books I have read since my last post:

Ghost Huntress by Marley Gibson
I was so super excited when I saw that Gibson was coming out with the final book in the Ghost Huntress story.  It was only offered in electronic form so my nook snatched that opportunity up!  I love closure so I was happy to be able to read the end of the story.

Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

Really?!  This books was not at all what I expected.  A quick and easy read but hardly any vampires and questions were not answered!  I feel that this was a series that just went on for way too long.

Inferno by Dan Brown
After reading The Lost Symbol, I was hesitant to pick up another Dan Brown book.  Not that it was a bad book, just very difficult to get through.  I told myself I cannot let one book ruin his other books that I loved.  So I decided to give Inferno a chance and I really liked it.  So glad to have Robert Langdon back and in action.

Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Third book in the Beautiful Creatures series.  This was one I borrowed from a friend so need her to read the rest in the series so she can pass them on to me ;)

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
 Another one I borrowed from a friend.  She hasn't passed on the rest in the series so will wait for that.  Yeah I could go out and buy the books myself so I can read them but I am a weirdo and once I start a series a certain way, I want to keep it that way.  If I start reading on my nook, the rest of the series has to be on my nook.  If I borrow from a friend, I want the rest of the books in the series from said friend.

Allegra Fairweather by Janni Nell
I stumbled by this on accident and so glad that I did.  It was a super fun read and this one happened in Scotland!!!!!!  And it had selkies!!!!!!!

Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien
Awesome, awesome, awesome book!  Such an interesting and unique story.  Think Hunger Games meets The Giver.

South of Salem by Janni Nell
I really liked this second book in the Allegra Fairweather (isn't her name so much fun to say?!) series.  Still a super fun series but there were inconsistencies between the first and second book that bothered me.  Like in the first book she talks about her pregnant sister and how excited she is to be an aunt.  Then in the second book she is described as not getting along with her sister and not excited to be an aunt.  Come on people, book-a-holics like me are going to pick up on those things ;O

Beauty Awakened by Gena Showalter
I just cannot say enough about how wonderful and fabulous Gena Showalter is!  I love her books!  PLEASE read the Lords of the Underworld series!

Blood Secrets by Jeannie Holmes

This is the second book in the Alexandra Sabian series.  I liked the first book but thought this one was even better!  Totally made me afraid of porcelain dolls!  But, SUPER SAD NEWS!  Holmes' publisher is not letting her publish the third book in the series because this one did not do too hot.  So now I will never know what happens to Alexandra!  NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!

The Darkest Craving by Gena Showalter
The wonderful Showalter does it again!  Keep them coming!  I can't get enough!

Aaaaaaannnnnnndddddd that is finally the end of the list.  Now fingers crossed I can keep up with this. 

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  1. Allegiant came out this week! I will get it next weekend and can share when I finish :)