Wednesday, January 22, 2014

House of Night: Revealed

I am so, so, so, SO over this series!  This is the eleventh book in the series.  Come on, ELEVEN!  That's a bit much.  Especially when every book follows the same story line!  After eleven books, Zoey has just become this annoying little girl that needs to learn to stand up to herself, Neferet needs to die and stay dead, could have done without the Aurox/Heath plot twist, Kalona is good and then he is bad and then he is good again, Aphrodite stays heavily sedated, and everyone acts like they are in some B rated horror movie.  I like to give books the benefit of the doubt and will keep reading them to see if they get better.  This series is just old already!  Well, I guess I am the idiot that keeps reading it but I feel invested and like I have to see it to the end.  That and I think there will only be one more book after this?  (PLEASE LET THAT BE TRUE!)  Not to mention this took me over a month to finish!  I got home from work and the last thing I wanted to do was read it.  The only reason I finished it when I did was because I was suffering from a broken heart and my depression was really bad and I needed a distraction.  At that point, I think I read half the book in one day.  Which I was glad about because I wanted it to be over.  So now I say goodbye to the House of Night and pass this book onto my friend so she doesn't have to waste money on this.

I know I am being harsh...just in that kind of mood today.

Island of Secrets

My friend has what she calls her cozy reads.  They are stories that are just enjoyable and do not require a lot of thought to get through.  The Allegra Fairweather series is like that for me.  I enjoy the content so much that I am easily able to overlook the writing style or inconsistencies.  And Allegra is a paranormal investigator, my favorite kind of storyline!  I don't remember how many books into the series this is, I think four?  All I know is there is only one left after this.  How sad!

What can I say about Allegra?  She's a paranormal investigator that has an itchy toe whenever she is near the paranormal. this story she injured her foot and it did get a little annoying that she kept complaining about it.  Then there is the whole Casper thing.  Seems like every book they are either hot or cold about one another.  Oh, and this book was very predictable when it did come to one aspect of Casper's life.  This book did not have any of Allegra's family in it.  The last two did.  It was kind of nice to have this be like the first book and just follow Allegra as she tried to uncover the paranormal.  And this story was even cooler because it had goblins and mer-people!  And throw in an 18th century ghost and you are good to go!  Looking forward to reading the last book.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rusted Veins

Don't you hate when a really great series ends and you think, what will I do with my life?  Then all of a sudden you decide to look for a new book and go to the recommendations section on Amazon...only to find out the author that wrote the series you love also wrote a follow up novella that is only available electronically!!!!!!  That's what happened with me and the Sabina Kane series.  I first gravitated to the series only because the first book was titled Red Headed Step Child.  It's what my cousin used to call me when I was younger because I was the only person in my family with red hair.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn the series had vampires and mages and demons, oh my!  It's a great series and I highly recommend it.  So, back to my original point.  I was very excited when I saw a Sabina Kane novella on Amazon!  I don't have a Kindle but I did quickly hop on over to Barnes & Noble and download it for my nook.

As you can see from the picture I took, the novella is super short.  It says 69 pages but it really only ended up being 53 or so pages.  Fine with me, meant I could finish it over two lunch periods.  Could have finished in one but I did have to put the nook down to eat.  It was just a short little story and not even worth mentioning the store line, especially since there would be SPOILERS!  All I can say is this novel takes place after the last book in the series, Blue Blooded Vamp.  Now to just keep my fingers crossed that Wells comes out with more Sabina Kane novellas ;)  In the meantime, I think I need to check out some of her other books.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to reality

Well after having two weeks off for the winter break, let's just say it is hard to be sitting at work right now.  Not only did I forget all of my passwords, but I came in to emails that made me cranky.  Welcome back, NOT! 

Christmas was okay for me, too much stress to deal with.  New Year's was awesome.  I plopped my behind in my car and drove the 12 hours it took for me to get to Albuquerque, New Mexico to see my best friend.  It was a great trip and even though I heard about all the stress and drama going on at home, I was not directly involved or affected by it.  It makes me even more determined to get my own place.  While I was in ABQ, my best friend made the most simple but addicting lunch...using her food steamer!  So of course I had to twist her arm to take me to Target so I could buy my own steamer!
The steamer is awesome!  The other day I used it to make rice and the same time!

Then, I just had to twist her arm to take me to Barnes and Noble.  I had gift cards and ended up walking away with five new books.  Geesh I have so much reading to do!  I also decided to treat myself to this bad boy...
I have a first generation nook.  Works great still but it is so big and heavy that I never take it anywhere.  I love books but when I am at work on my lunch break, the nook is great.  Only problem is my nook does not fit in my purse.  So I saw that B&N had the nook touch for only $59.  I figured, why not!  Now I have a larger nook I can travel with but I also have a smaller one that will fit in my purse!  Maybe now I will be able to get through more books!

Now on to the books I actually did finish over break.  To begin with, Allegiant.
I had this book on my nook and would always read it on my phone, thinking for sure I would finish in no time.  Especially because I zoomed through the first two books in this series.  Boy was I wrong!  It took me FOREVER to finish this book!  It just did not have to appeal the other two books had.  It was slow going.  One day I told myself I would read until I finished!  I did and I was so disappointed!  The book had a terrible ending and it was not at all necessary.  It is hard for a series to be successful with all books, but when you have two successful books, you expect the third to be great as well.  I am disappointed with how the series ended but I still think it is a good series and will definitely be seeing Divergent when the movie comes out.

Thankfully, I was smart and followed Allegiant with The Fiery Heart from the Bloodlines series.
I love this series so much!  As I have mentioned before, it is a spin off from the Vampire Academy series.  I loved VA but I actually think the Bloodlines series is better.  Maybe because of Adrian?  Hehe

The book took me about six days to finish.  Not bad after the weeks I endured Allegiant.  I love how interesting these books are and how quickly I get through them!  I can't really saying anything about the story without giving away spoilers ;)  Oh yes I did just have a Doctor Who reference!  Okay, did anyone see the Christmas special?  Oh the feels!

Well now I am just counting down the minutes to lunch so I can bust out the nook and start reading something new.  While I was in New Mexico, I started the latest book in the House of Night series.  About 60 pages into it.  That will be an at home book so I can have the nook for lunch time at work.