Wednesday, January 22, 2014

House of Night: Revealed

I am so, so, so, SO over this series!  This is the eleventh book in the series.  Come on, ELEVEN!  That's a bit much.  Especially when every book follows the same story line!  After eleven books, Zoey has just become this annoying little girl that needs to learn to stand up to herself, Neferet needs to die and stay dead, could have done without the Aurox/Heath plot twist, Kalona is good and then he is bad and then he is good again, Aphrodite stays heavily sedated, and everyone acts like they are in some B rated horror movie.  I like to give books the benefit of the doubt and will keep reading them to see if they get better.  This series is just old already!  Well, I guess I am the idiot that keeps reading it but I feel invested and like I have to see it to the end.  That and I think there will only be one more book after this?  (PLEASE LET THAT BE TRUE!)  Not to mention this took me over a month to finish!  I got home from work and the last thing I wanted to do was read it.  The only reason I finished it when I did was because I was suffering from a broken heart and my depression was really bad and I needed a distraction.  At that point, I think I read half the book in one day.  Which I was glad about because I wanted it to be over.  So now I say goodbye to the House of Night and pass this book onto my friend so she doesn't have to waste money on this.

I know I am being harsh...just in that kind of mood today.

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