Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Island of Secrets

My friend has what she calls her cozy reads.  They are stories that are just enjoyable and do not require a lot of thought to get through.  The Allegra Fairweather series is like that for me.  I enjoy the content so much that I am easily able to overlook the writing style or inconsistencies.  And Allegra is a paranormal investigator, my favorite kind of storyline!  I don't remember how many books into the series this is, I think four?  All I know is there is only one left after this.  How sad!

What can I say about Allegra?  She's a paranormal investigator that has an itchy toe whenever she is near the paranormal. this story she injured her foot and it did get a little annoying that she kept complaining about it.  Then there is the whole Casper thing.  Seems like every book they are either hot or cold about one another.  Oh, and this book was very predictable when it did come to one aspect of Casper's life.  This book did not have any of Allegra's family in it.  The last two did.  It was kind of nice to have this be like the first book and just follow Allegra as she tried to uncover the paranormal.  And this story was even cooler because it had goblins and mer-people!  And throw in an 18th century ghost and you are good to go!  Looking forward to reading the last book.

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