Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two for the price of one!

So I have been a little bit behind and I cannot believe I have finished two books and not posted about them!  Come on Mindy, get your priorities straight!  Books are everything!  HAHA!

First up, The Scorch Trials.  Book 2 in the Maze Runner series.
This is a really good series and I like it a lot, but I find it a little slower to read then say the other book I will talk about on here.  Maybe it's just me though.  Seems like I keep picking these books up when it is a super busy time and I just do not have time to read.  As I mentioned with the Maze Runner, the characters' memory loss helps draw you more into their story because you are just as clueless as they are.  Even more confusing because some of the characters keep switching back and forth in how they act.  You are constantly wondering if they are bad or good characters!  I know they are making the first book into a movie (hopefully the whole series) so as I read it I can definitely picture a movie unfolding as I go.  It is a great series and unlike anything I have ever read before.

Now on to the second book I finished, The Elite.
As I always do when I finish a book, I take a picture and upload it to Facebook.  My friend asked what this series was about and the best description I could come up with was The Hunger Games meets the Bachelor.  I absolutely love this series.  It has different castes just like districts in the Hunger Games and all the girls are competing for the chance at being princess.  Sometimes I find myself rolling my eyes at some things that America does or says.  Then I remember she is just being a typical 17 year old and of course to my 32 (*cough**cough* almost 33) self I find what she is doing young and immature.  Well DUH!  I still love the story and am frustrated that by the end of the book she had still not made up her mind if she wanted Aspen or Maxon!  I need answers people!  Please hurry up and come out with the third book!  This one was a very quick read and I think I finished it in about a week.