Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Black and Blue

Over a week ago I finished The Kill Order.  I sat in my room staring at my bookcase and the books I still need to read that my friend let me borrow.  I looked at those four books to see what I should read next, but my eyes kept making their way to my stack of unread Gena Showalter books.  I couldn't resist her pull and opted to grab Black and Blue instead of starting another one of my friend's books.  I picked this book up on a Friday and by Sunday I was done.  This is the effect Showalter's books have on me!  They are so good and just draw you in!  So why is it taking me so long to write this entry?  I was away at a conference and don't have the slightest clue how I can access my blog from my phone or iPad!  Now on to the book!

Gena Showalter is considered Paranormal Romance.  That makes some people give me a funny look when I tell them that I read Paranormal Romance.  When really, I don't think I would put this book in a romance category.  Yes there is the romance part but it does not drive the story.  All of her books are very story and character driven and none of the characters even get down and dirty until the end of the book.  She has some great series and this one is kind of a branch off of her Alien Huntress series.  This is book two in the Otherworld Assassin series.  In the first book, we read about an explosion that takes place.  The first book talks about the story of one of the guys that was in the explosion.  Black and Blue is the story of another guy that was in the explosion.  Will there be a book for the third and final guy that was in the explosion?  Not sure but I would love one of course!  All the male characters in these books are aliens.  This one focuses on one that also happens to be a famous football player, assassin on the side kind of person.  The story does not really focus on the alien aspect of it all though.  I guess you can get all that back story if you started reading the Alien Huntress series (I've only read the first two books).  Instead it focuses more on Corbin Blue and what happened to him after the explosion.  You get a look into what it is like to be him and what kind of people he interacts with.  Yes there are times it specifically mentions that he is an alien with white hair and lavender eyes but to be honest, I always forget!  I keep picturing him as some Channing Tatum type ;)  Oh, and another reason why I like these books, there is always blood and guts and death!  It's not some Fabio-cover crap.  Like I said, STORY first!  

I am almost done with my current book so hopefully it doesn't take me a week to post about it!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Kill Order

When I began reading The Maze Runner trilogy, I had no idea that a prequel to the series had been written.  Even though it is considered a prequel, I recommend reading it AFTER reading The Maze Runner Trilogy.  Why you ask?  Well The Kill Order starts with a prologue involving characters from the Maze Runner Trilogy and might give away spoilers if you have not read the other books first.

Throughout the Maze Runner, you learn about the world being attacked by Sun Flares and people getting a disease that made them crazy, referred to as the Flare.  At some point in the series, it is hinted that the Flare was man-made and not a result of the Sun Flares.  But it is left at that and no more discussion is given to the idea.  Until this book.  The Kill Order takes place thirteen years before The Maze Runner.  The Sun Flares had only happened about a year ago and the world is just barely trying to come back from the damage that was done.  The story focuses on one group of people that survived the Sun Flares and banded together to stay safe.  The book follows their lives as they struggle to survive.  What I like is the main character has flashbacks, so at least we can see what happened right when the flares hit and shortly after.  The characters also learn the truth of The Flare.  What I liked about this book was the character development.  As with the Maze Runner, the characters are developed so well that you can close your eyes and picture them.  However, unlike the Maze Runner, there were no happy moments in this book.  There were a lot more death and destruction and the book kept a dark feel about it.  It really helped to bring you in to the story and make you feel like you are a part of that world.  It also gives you more insight into someone with the Flare and the different stages they go through before they are beyond gone.  I don't remember where it came from, if it was from a book or a movie, but I remember this quote that says "it ends at the beginning."  I feel that so perfectly describes the end of this book as it makes way for the Maze Runner book to begin.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Discovery of Witches

First off, I just could not pass up a book that was written by someone who shared a name with my most favoritest Captain ever, Captain Jack Harkness.  Anyways, I had seen "A Discovery of Witches" everywhere but had not really heard from anyone who had read it.  One day I just said the heck with it and bought it on my nook.  Fast forward a few months and I was standing in a Barnes and Noble with my best friend.  We were walking amongst the books just like kids in a candy store.  We passed A Discovery of Witches and I almost grabbed it.  I totally forgot that I already had it on my nook.  Luckily my arms were full and my gift card was used up.  It still took me over three months before I finally downloaded the book on my nook and began reading...and then I was hooked!

At first the story is a little slow.  And to be honest, I thought the main character was a male until someone referred to them as Diana.  Oops!  I read the first two or three chapters and then stopped reading it for a few weeks.  It was slow and I was worried I had made a mistake by buying this book.  But I was determined to read it.  And I am so glad I did!  After a while, I realized I didn't mind that the story was slow paced and nothing heart wrenching happened.  It was really setting up the plot for everything and I was loving it.  It helped you to really learn as much as you could about Diana Bishop and her fears of magic.  I love well-developed characters.  And then we get introduced to Matthew!  Move over Edward, there's a new vampire in town and he does not sparkle!  Matthew, in a way, is a brooding vampire just like my all time favorite vampire, Angel.  I would say the first half of the book is a getting to know Diana and Matthew section.  The second part is all about Diana trying to re-awaken her powers and trying to find out more about the mysterious manuscript that Diana finds in the beginning of the book.  I love books like this that have more than one mythological creature.  There are witches and vampires and daemons oh my!  It's a really good book and I cannot wait until I can start reading the next book in the series.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Death Cure

Man I was a reading machine when it came to this book!  We were leaving last Friday to go camping for my birthday and my family was standing at my door and I kept holding a finger up and yelling, "just one more page!"  I finally finished and was swept away to the campground.  Where I spent the day so sad this series is over :(  Then I perked up when I realized I had another book in the series waiting at home.  Just so happens James Dashner wrote a prequel to this series.  YES! 

This book was by far the best in the series.  I don't know if it is because it is the final book in the series, or because there are no more trials and they are just fighting for their lives?  I don't know, but man it was good!  You find out in book two about the Flare that people get.  It basically makes them crazy.  At one point in this book, the main characters are in Denver.  Reading about the people with the Flare, I couldn't help but picture Simon Pegg and Nick Frost running away from zombies, or Rick Grimes in Atlanta (um, I think I watch too many zombie flicks!).  Okay so the people with the Flare are not zombies, but they do turn into some crazy people, like in the movie The Crazies...mmmmm Timothy Olyphant...DROOL!  Sorry, just a wee bit distracted today. 

Back to the story!  I love the addition of Brenda and Jorge as main characters.  With their background working with WICKED, they just bring a whole different energy to the group.  And as much as I like Thomas, I would have to say my favorite character in all three books is Newt.  He's level headed and is the glue to their group.  The book ended on a note of hope, but I want to know what happens next!  Can't really tell you more without giving away the plot ;)  I'm looking forward to reading the prequel to see if it explains how the Flare came about, how WICKED was developed, and how Thomas and Theresa were recruited.  There are just way too many questions I still have.