Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Black and Blue

Over a week ago I finished The Kill Order.  I sat in my room staring at my bookcase and the books I still need to read that my friend let me borrow.  I looked at those four books to see what I should read next, but my eyes kept making their way to my stack of unread Gena Showalter books.  I couldn't resist her pull and opted to grab Black and Blue instead of starting another one of my friend's books.  I picked this book up on a Friday and by Sunday I was done.  This is the effect Showalter's books have on me!  They are so good and just draw you in!  So why is it taking me so long to write this entry?  I was away at a conference and don't have the slightest clue how I can access my blog from my phone or iPad!  Now on to the book!

Gena Showalter is considered Paranormal Romance.  That makes some people give me a funny look when I tell them that I read Paranormal Romance.  When really, I don't think I would put this book in a romance category.  Yes there is the romance part but it does not drive the story.  All of her books are very story and character driven and none of the characters even get down and dirty until the end of the book.  She has some great series and this one is kind of a branch off of her Alien Huntress series.  This is book two in the Otherworld Assassin series.  In the first book, we read about an explosion that takes place.  The first book talks about the story of one of the guys that was in the explosion.  Black and Blue is the story of another guy that was in the explosion.  Will there be a book for the third and final guy that was in the explosion?  Not sure but I would love one of course!  All the male characters in these books are aliens.  This one focuses on one that also happens to be a famous football player, assassin on the side kind of person.  The story does not really focus on the alien aspect of it all though.  I guess you can get all that back story if you started reading the Alien Huntress series (I've only read the first two books).  Instead it focuses more on Corbin Blue and what happened to him after the explosion.  You get a look into what it is like to be him and what kind of people he interacts with.  Yes there are times it specifically mentions that he is an alien with white hair and lavender eyes but to be honest, I always forget!  I keep picturing him as some Channing Tatum type ;)  Oh, and another reason why I like these books, there is always blood and guts and death!  It's not some Fabio-cover crap.  Like I said, STORY first!  

I am almost done with my current book so hopefully it doesn't take me a week to post about it!

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