Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Death Cure

Man I was a reading machine when it came to this book!  We were leaving last Friday to go camping for my birthday and my family was standing at my door and I kept holding a finger up and yelling, "just one more page!"  I finally finished and was swept away to the campground.  Where I spent the day so sad this series is over :(  Then I perked up when I realized I had another book in the series waiting at home.  Just so happens James Dashner wrote a prequel to this series.  YES! 

This book was by far the best in the series.  I don't know if it is because it is the final book in the series, or because there are no more trials and they are just fighting for their lives?  I don't know, but man it was good!  You find out in book two about the Flare that people get.  It basically makes them crazy.  At one point in this book, the main characters are in Denver.  Reading about the people with the Flare, I couldn't help but picture Simon Pegg and Nick Frost running away from zombies, or Rick Grimes in Atlanta (um, I think I watch too many zombie flicks!).  Okay so the people with the Flare are not zombies, but they do turn into some crazy people, like in the movie The Crazies...mmmmm Timothy Olyphant...DROOL!  Sorry, just a wee bit distracted today. 

Back to the story!  I love the addition of Brenda and Jorge as main characters.  With their background working with WICKED, they just bring a whole different energy to the group.  And as much as I like Thomas, I would have to say my favorite character in all three books is Newt.  He's level headed and is the glue to their group.  The book ended on a note of hope, but I want to know what happens next!  Can't really tell you more without giving away the plot ;)  I'm looking forward to reading the prequel to see if it explains how the Flare came about, how WICKED was developed, and how Thomas and Theresa were recruited.  There are just way too many questions I still have.

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