Thursday, August 28, 2014

I have not had enough time to read!

I have to say how very sad I am that I have not had much time to read.  Since my last posting, I have only finished two books.  TWO!  I should have been much farther than that.  Oh well, I am trying to get back into the habit of bringing my lunch every day.  That way I can read on my lunch break and feel like all is right with the world!

First up, Strawberry Shortcake Murder by Joanne Fluke.

This is only the second book but I am seriously in love with this series.  Hannah Swenson is a red head who wants to be comfy and does not have an eye for fashion.  And she loves to bake.  Totally sounds like me.  I love the character developments in these books.  Yes we always have Hannah and her sister Andrea to read about, but each book develops more and more characters that were mentioned in earlier books but not discussed much. And reading about Hannah being stuck in winter is making me wish it would start cooling off here and stop being so hot!  I'm ready for hot tea and fuzzy blankets!  These books follow the same storyline so far; there is a murder, Hannah finds the murdered person, Hannah promises the police department she will not do her own detective work, Hannah does detective work, Hannah and her sister Andrea solve the mystery.  One thing that does annoy me about any type of writing is the overuse of words or phrases (oh please don't even let me go through another book that was as bad at that as 50 Shades of Gray!!!!  THE HORROR!).  In this book I found the overuse of names a bit annoying.  Almost every sentence Andrea would say, she always had to say her sister's name.  I think there can be dialogue between two people without having to constantly add the name in there.  I really want to continue reading this series but there are so many books I already need to read so it might be a while before I can return to The Cookie Jar.

Next up, a book I was so super excited for.  Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead.

I don't want to say I got lucky, but my dad had to go to the hospital for a colonoscopy.  My mom didn't have any sick time to spare so I offered to take time off from work to drive him to the hospital.  What this meant for me?  Plenty of reading time while I waited for him to be done!!!!  I think I got through about a third of this book just during that time.  It helped me stay motivated on wanting to finish it.  While reading the first half of this book, all I could think of was, "Adrian, oh Adrian, why must you frustrate me so?"  Sydney was locked away and he just gave up!  Come on dude, get your priorities straightened out!  And Sydney is just bad-ass.  Everything she went through in this book and to come out with a strong head still on her shoulders, it made for a pretty awesome reading experience.  Oh boy the whopper at the end had my mind spinning!  There for a while I thought that was how the book was going to end and there would be no more books after this one.  Thank goodness that's not how it ended at all and Richelle will come out with more books.  Am I being too vague?  Well tough!  There are tons of books in this series and it's difficult not to give thing away.  So vague it is!

I'm choosing a short book up next so hopefully it doesn't take me so long to read.

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