Friday, September 5, 2014

Kalona's Fall

Have you ever been reading a book series where you constantly find yourself saying you wish the series would end?  Yeah, doesn't happen to me that often either.  But the House of Night series is one that has gone on for too long.  The first few books were great, but then they just started repeating story lines and themes and now I just want them to end!  I keep reading because once I have invested in a series I feel like I have to keep reading.  And now they are making these branch off novellas.  The novellas were great at first because they gave great insight into characters that we don't know much about.  I liked Dragon's novella, loved Lenobia's, was disturbed by Neferet's, and now we get Kalona.  I don't know if it just is because I am over this story or what but I found myself so bored while reading this!  It is totally misnamed.  I think instead of should be called A Companion for Nyx.  The whole book was about her and how she was lonely and needed someone.  We do get insight into how Kalona and his brother Erebus were created, that part was cool to finally know.  But the fall of Kalona section was really just a few pages at the very end.  I finished the book and all I could think was, "is that it?!"  I was disappointed.  Thank goodness it was a quick and easy read.  

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