Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Is it Reading Time Yet?

I have realized it is so easy to let life settles in and keep you always on the go.  When that happens it is very difficult to stop and relax with a good book.  I find myself being very busy lately, especially with the holidays and trying to cultivate a relationship with my boyfriend.  We have decided to move in together so I feel like all my free time has been spent researching apartments closer to our work.  It's all so expensive living in Southern California!  I just don't get $1600+ for a one bedroom, one bath apartment.  It's robbery!  I need to try and find time to read because I know it will help relax me.

Since my last post I have been able to finish two books.

First up, Redeemed, A House of Night novel by P.C and Kristin Cast.  Of course it just happens to be a book I did not take a picture of :/  Information about the series and book can be found at 

What do I say about this book...except I am so glad it is over!  Don't get me wrong, this is a really good series.  But after 12 books and four novellas, I'm ready for an ending.  For the past five or so books, I feel that the story line was always the same; Neferet suddenly appears when everyone thought she was thwarted in the previous books, Neferet wreaks havoc, Zoey cries, Zoey has men issues, they fight Neferet, Neferet goes away until the next book.  I am also disappointed with this book because I felt there were story lines that were not completed.  I really appreciate that Kalona's story line was able to be completed, especially after having read his novella.  I can't say much else about other story lines without giving spoilers, but the way the book ended sets it up for future books if the authors should so feel inclined to go back to the Vampire House of Night.  I could totally see them writing branch off stories about the Nerd Herd as they become full-fledged vampires and live their lives.  At the same time, I hope they don't.  Because the book did actually end on a happy note with the Nerd Herd (hopefully Aphrodite stops calling them that).

Next up, Four.  I guess when Veronica Roth first decided she wanted to write the Divergent series, she was originally going to write it from Tobias' point of view.  I love that the books are written from Tris' POV but it was really cool to be able to read anything from Four's POV.  I got lucky when I went to go visit my best friend in Albuquerque because I had lots of down time to read.

This book begins with Tobias as he was in Abnegation.  It's right before his choosing ceremony and he has gone through his aptitude test.  We see his thought process as he decides to turn Dauntless.  We then see his journey through Dauntless leading up to when he meets Tris.  It was pretty cool reading from his POV.  I feel that I definitely have a better understanding of Tobias that I did not have while reading the Divergent trilogy.  

Now off to lunch so I can read my next book!

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  1. You can take a picture once I give the book back :)